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Weddings receptions

Just imagine how the two of you get out a carriage drawn by four horses. Your guests welcome you at the entrance of our restaurant. You pass to a garden sunk in candle gleam where you find tables with champagne glasses.

And inside? A unique atmosphere and original interior design in which old Poland still seems to be alive, waiters lead you to the ballroom with crystal chandelier, where up to 90 people can be seated together. Elegantly set tables. Grilled zucchini rolls with mozzarella cheese and basil sauce, roasted pork loin in mushroom sauce, wedding cake with white chocolate are served. Red wine is pouring from glass carafes. Some guests dance to the hot rhythms, others have a nice chat in a quiet, green garden which after sunset becomes a magic place full of candle radiance.

If you wish to surprise your guests with the unique atmosphere and great fun, you expect creative solutions and you wish your dream about the most important day in your life comes true, you should visit our restaurant.