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Beef Carpaccio with Grana Padano cheese and arugula 120g34 zł
Matias fillets with cucumber, celery and dried tomatoes in curry marinade 120g26 zł


Salad with chicken marinated in Worchestershire sauce served with sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese baked on toast 270g38 zł
Salad with baked mozzarella coated in poppy, sesame and black cumin seeds served with sprouts and toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds 270g 32 zł


Dumplings with wild boar stuffing in juniper aroma 120g31 zł
Slow-roasted pork neck with sweet onion and caraway seeds served with a crispy bread roll and pickled carrot 200g28 zł


Sorrel soup with cottage cheese 250ml21 zł
Cream of parsley with the addition of pear and chives oil 250ml21 zł
Cheese soup in white wine with bacon served with toast 250ml23 zł


Roast veal in chanterelle mushroom sauce served with grilled root vegetables and kale crisps 350g62 zł
Wild boar neck baked with wine sauce with groats, blue cheese and pumpkin seeds pancakes served with glazed beetroot with honey and balsamic vinegar 400g57 zł
Rabbit leg stewed in gravy, served with beans, carrots and dried plums 400g54 zł
Half a duck roasted served with currant sauce, apple puree and red cabbage in wine with cranberries 640g64 zł
Beef cheeks stewed in wine served with sour cabbage salad and buckwheat dumplings 450g56 zł
Marinated chicken fillet served with pepper sauce with carrot and apricot puree and potato crisp with lemon salt and rosemary 350g42 zł
Pork ribs marinated in BBQ sauce served with home-made French fries and polish style cabbage 400g52 zł
Traditional pork chop served with potato puree and polish style cabbage 480g34 zł


Whole trout served with sweet and sour celery salad, hazelnuts and arugula 400g47 zł
Salmon fillet with leek cookie and tahini paste, served with fried arugula, tomatoes and lemon 350g58 zł


Spinach and buckwheat pancakes served with a pepper sauce and salads 3pc 38 zł
Tarta z boczniakami, camembertem i porem 250g 34 zł
Strudel with salmon and ricotta cheese served in the aroma of rosemary 250g38 zł


Golden chicken fillet in bread crumbs with funny potato mouths and cucumber salad 190g28 zł
Spaghetti with tomato sauce 250g23 zł


Crispy tart with cream and baked apples 120g21 zł
Chocolate torte with walnut served with cherry sauce and whipped cream 150g23 zł
Gingerbread with chocolate glaze layered with plum jam 130g21 zł
White chocolate ice cream served with raspberry sauce 170g24 zł
Mango and passionfruit sorbet served with cherry sauce 170g22 zł